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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. the long awaited report on who knew who and when in the penn state scandal has been released. randall pinkston has details from philadelphia where the findings were released early this morning. >> reporter: former f.b.i. director louis freeh delivered a scathing independent report on the fail lures of top -- failures on top state officials to stop jerry sandusky if sexually abusing children. >> the most pour medical men --
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powerful men at penn state failed to take steps to protect the children he victim ietzed. >> reporter: freeh named three top officials who were more concerned about sandusky's well- beings than the victims. >> created a dangerous situation for unsuspecting boys who were lured to the penn state campus and football games by sandusky. >> reporter: the report criticized paterno and penn state for allowing sandusky to retire not as a suspected child predator but as a valued member of the penn state football legacy. the university's board of trustees hired freeh to look into penn state's role in the scandal. over eight months more than 400 people were interviewed and damages e-mails were uncovered. the investigation also found there was no record of paterno or athletic director tim occurley reporting -- curly say sandusky in the shower with a boy which the law requires.
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>> mr. paterno could have alerted the entire football staff in order to prevent sandusky from bringing another child into the building. >> reporter: before paterno's death in january, he said he wished he had done more. randall pinkston, cbs news, philadelphia. more than 430 current and former school employees were interviewed for the investigation, including nearly everyone associated with the football program. more trouble could be brewing for d.c. mayor vincent gray. a campaign worker told the associated press that day laborers who worked at polls places during gray's 2010 campaign were routinely paid $100 in cash. that's twice the legal limit. the news comes just two days after public relations executive eugenia clark harris pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and she has close ties to businessman jeffrey thompson.
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several city council members have received subpoenas asking for information about contributions linked to thompson. and some council members have called for the mayor to step down. 9 news now will be covering every new development in the story. during the day you can get updates by going to our website on your computer or your mobile device. also you can follow us on twitter. our handle is wusa9. and of course join the conversation by visiting our facebook page. a man accused of a murder in frederick, maryland has been arrested in ohio. police say that brandon thomas brown stabbed a man to death on july 3. investigators tracked brown to his hometown of stiewpenville, -- stiewbenville -- stubinville, ohio. that's when officers arrested him. the latest effort to repeal
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president obama's health care law is on its way to the senate, and it is expected to die, however, a very quick death. yesterday the republican-led house approved a measure to repeal the affordable care act. it is the 33rd vote that they've taken to do so. the white house calls it a needless and unnecessary effort. republican congressman eric cantor of virginia says it needs to be done. >> we want to try and get it right. again, the american people have rejected obama care. they don't want washington telling them what kind of health care they should have. >> we do not need to refight the battles of two years ago and three years ago. we need to take steps to help the american people, the american economy. >> congress has 42 more working days scheduled between now and the end of the year. one of the biggest issues will be funding the federal government. that has to be done by october.
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in campaign 2012, today vice president joe biden is addressing the naacp's annual convention being held in houston, texas. biden got a rousing welcome this morning unlike the reception that republican mitt romney received yesterday. >> when the economy was about to go over the cliff, i watched him make some of the toughest decisions any president has had to make since franklin delano roosevelt. he saved the nation's financial system and in doing so he prevented a worldwide depression. it wasn't a popular decision, but it was a essential decision and he was right. >> yesterday romney was booed by the same crowd when he said that he would eliminate nonessential programs, including president obama's health care reform law. mitt romney did hear polite applause when he spoke about helping the middle class.
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in 2008 republican presidential candidate john mccain got just 4% of the african-american vote. what's happening with congressman jesse jackson, jr. new information from his office is not putting to rest questions his absence from work. right now he is on medical leave. danielle nottingham reports many people on capitol hill need more than that. >> reporter: congressman jesse jackson, jr. hasn't been seen on capitol hill for a month. after growing questions and speculation about his health, his office released a statement from an unnamed doctor saying the congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder. information about the nine-term congressman from illinois has been trickling out. first word was the 47-yard was suffering from ex-- 47-year-old was suffering from exhaustion. then another statement said his condition was more serious than
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originally thought and that he was extending -- receiving extendive inpatient treatment. jackson's sister told fox news she hopes people would respect his privacy. >> i think that what we have to do is dial everything back and just give him the grace of space so that he can get well. >> reporter: some of jackson's congressional colleagues have called for jackson to be more forthcoming with his constituents. house leaders haven't heard from the congressman but are also facing questions about his absence. >> our prayers and thoughts are with him and with his family. we wish him the comfort he needs to get well. >> reporter: congressman jackson has been facing ongoing ethics investigations. allegations that he tried to influence former governor rod blagojevich to appoint him to obama's vacant senate seat. >> the statement if a doctor was not specific about jackson's condition, but experiments say that the term
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"mood disorder" may indicate that jackson is suffering from depression. coming up next when the news continues, we have a fishtail for the record books. it was all caught on tape. you'll see what happens when a huge shark goes after a fish that's on the hook. >> and there's more proof to suggest that the al-assad regime in syria is crumbling. some high ranging officials are urging senior politicians to defect and join the rebels. we'll be right back.
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for the first time since the uprising began in syria, mortars hit the outskirts of damascus. this comes a day after a member of the regime defected and joined opposition forces. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: this video from syrian opposition shows black smoke rising above the buildings and trees on the outskirts daf mass cuss. residents -- damascus. residents say government troops first fired mortars. then tanks moved in to hunt down rebels. there were no immediate reports of casualties. act vitions in the area claim -- activists in the area claim this was the first uprising within the city limits.
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fighting inside damascus is significant because it's the stronghold for the assad regime power base. fighting between government forces and rebels in the northern part of the country left much of a town in usuallies. some buildings were reduced to rubble. this man says the syrian army invaded his neighborhood, looted the market and destroyed it. the latest violence comes after the syrian ambassador to iraq defected wednesday joining opposition forces. on the arabic television channel al jazeera, he called on the military to stop shooting at civilians and point their guns at the criminals within the assad regime. while the assad regime finds itself increasingly isolated, the toll on the syrian people continues to rise. the opposition claims 17,000 people have been killed since the uprising began. drew levinson, cbs news. coming up next, anny has
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our forecast. >> sunshine today. a pretty nice seasonable july day. but get ready. the heat and humidity will return. very complete details in your seven-day forecast when 9news returns.
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we have some incredible video we want to show you.
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a south carolina couple got the shock of their lives while they were fishing from a dock just north of myrtle beach. sarah brain was realing in her fish and all of a sudden a bull shark leaped out of the water and snagged her catch. experts say that incidents like this generally don't happen so close to shore. >> it jumped out of the water. i didn't know the extent of its power, how far it could jump up. >> come straight from the bottom up. like i say, it will startle you. it startled us. every one of us. we were not expecting it. >> experts say that bull sharks are one of the most common species involved in unprovoked deadly attacks. that was incredible. six people were hurt in the sixth day of the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. luckily no one was gored but medics say three people suffered head injuries. and the other injuries were
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less serious. it is believed that the yearly ritual dates back to the 13th century. it's time for another yearly ritual here in the washington, d.c. area. the 19th street baptist church is going to be holding its community wide block party and health care on saturday. it begins at 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. the church is located in the 4600 block of 16th street. there will be free medical testing for diabetes, h.i.v. , and there will also be an interpreter for people who speak spanish and if you have a language barrier. and of course they want you to bring the whole family, kids, because there are going to be games and lots of music. so that's this saturday at the 19th street baptist church. one of my favorite churches. >> there are a lot of services that day. how are you?
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>> i'm good, you look pretty in your yellow. >> thank you. >> you like the sunshine and we have the sunshine out there. temperatures are in the 80s. we'll warm things back up. it's a nice seasonable, kind of average day for july. not too hot. not too cool. here's a look at the day planner. lots of sunshine a. few clouds filtering in. temperatures late this afternoon will top out in the upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. we'll have fairly light winds. only a slight chance for an isolated storm late this afternoon generally west of town but most of us should be storm free. a few clouds could filter in from the south and southwest. most of the showers and storms will stay to the south of us but we're looking at a pretty nice day today. high pressure is in control and temperatures will be right around seasonable for this time of year. right now temperature 84 in downtown. lower 80s in gaithersburg. leesburg, you're still at 79 degrees. in culpeper lower #s on. manassas 8 -- lower 80s.
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manassas 82. dew points, these dew points are our friend. it's not crazy humid out there. here's why. dew points are in the 60s. even 59 up north in hagerstown. so this is why it feels pretty nice outside for a nice july day. our michael & son weather camera, partly sunny conditions to mostly cloudy conditions. temperature now 84. the winds are light out of the east at around 5 miles per hour. so here's a look at the future cast. today should be pretty good. some clouds can still filter in throughout the day. tomorrow i think we'll have a little more cloud cover soy think we'll be as warm in some locations. only a slight chance for some showers. the stuff coming up from the south could bring us some showers and storms on saturday and into the weekend. but then we also do heat things up temperature wise and the humidity will also go up in that seven-day. our zone forecast, we start in cumberland in western maryland. 85 degrees. winchester 86. leesburg, warrenton, manassas in the upper 80s.
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culpeper close to 90 degrees. in downtown also close to 90. pax river around 86 degrees. all right. so your next three days, green alert days. friday a repeat of today. saturday lower 90s, a little warmer. the next seven days, the warmth also on sunday. monday, tuesday, we're getting hot in the mid-90s. scattered showers and storms for sunday and monday. the hotter days if any of those storms do bubble up, we're looking at those storms to maybe be strong or severe. we'll have to keep our eye out for that and it will be hot tuesday and wednesday. close to a hundred degrees by wednesday. so enjoy the more comfortable days including today and tomorrow. it's pet line thursday. we have the cocker spaniel rescue. we have fluffy here. >> right. he's not a cocker spaniel. we think he's a welch corgie
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mix. fix or six dogs got thrown out of the house and ended up in a shelter. he's one of the easiest dogs i ever fostered. >> would he be good with children and families? >> he's good with people of all ages. he loves young kids. he gets kind of alert when he hears their voices. he's good with other dogs and we think he would be good with other cats. >> you think he's six, seven, eight years old? >> middle age. he has good house manners. no chewing. he knows where to do his business. >> what a great dog. and good for elderly people because he's well trained and will fit right in. >> he's -- he needs an owner who will watch his diet. he came in 13, 14 pounds heavier than he is now and he still needs to lose a few pounds. he needs someone who will take him for walks and he loves his walks. >> if you love to give fluffy a new home, please go to our
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website click on pet line and we'll give you more information. we'll be right back with jc. stick around.
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we have some sweet ideas for do it yourself projects. beth summers is from she's also a pbs television host. i had a chance to talk to her a few weeks ago. >> today i'm one on one with beth, the co-host of the pbs
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series "bake, decorate and celebrate." she's brought some lovely, lovely items here. she's with the wilton cake decorating company. and so today she's going to show me how to do these lovely lollipops. are they cake lollipops? >> they can be cake lollipops. what we did today was something even easier. we used a donut hole we bought in the grocery store. it doesn't get any simpler. it makes it simple for people at home to make projects that look fantastic very simply. we have our donut hole here. i have a stick. i can stick it right into my donut hole and i'm going to dick this in wilton candy melts. you melt these down in the mike waif. it's very simple. they come in a variety of colors. there's no cleanup because you do it right in the microwave. i have a little bit here in a bag. what i'm going to do is pipe my leg for my octopus pop. don't be afraid of using a
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decorating bag. it's simple. >> i was getting ready to say you've lost me with that bag. look how you did that. >> make a base and go like that. pipe a little girl. like i said these come in all different colors. if you wanted to do blue, pink. melt them down in the microwave for 30 seconds. >> how do you get this? >> you can buy all of these things at or check your local crafts store. they have these great candy eyeballs wilton makes. they give anything a face. it's hard to decorate a character with a face so these are perfect for that. >> that is so easy. the kids would love this. you finish that but let's talk about some of the other things. look at these cupcakes. oh, my goodness. >> those are diving turtle cupcakes. we baked our favorite cupcake recipe, whatever you like. we used butter cream we tinted with a little bit of wilton icing cover and did a green
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cover. those are chocolate candies. we stuck it in to make the legs. >> i love the cookies. >> those are made with sugar sheets. they're an edible, flexible decorating paper. they came in a variety of colors. you can cut them with regular scissors or there's a lot of punches available so you can do different designs and shapes and things like that they're really great. they have a neutral flavor so they go with any treat you put them on. >> see beth summers on pbs tv show "bake, decorate and celebrate." just great ideas for the kids this summer. thanks for be here. >> thanks for having me. thanks for being here on 9news now at noon. come back and visit us at 5:00. here's one last check of your seven-day forecast. temperatures near 90 today. only a slight chance for a storm. same deal for friday. saturday a better chance for some storms but getting hotter. low 90s. check out next monday and tuesday. mid- to upper 90s. it's going to get hot.
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we have representatives from old town pet resort visiting us. hello. from springfield and dulles. it's the doggie hotel. thanks for being with us. visit us at 5:00. bye-bye. ?gw?qyjw
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